C.A.C. Accepted into WorldStartup accelerator program


The Climate Action Center joins WorldStartup Altitude Program to deliver global impact

The Hague, Netherlands, November 23, 2021— The Climate Action Center has been selected as one of the newest portfolio companies within the WorldStartup Altitude program. WorldStartup supports purpose-driven innovators creating long-standing impactful ventures. WorldStartup’s Altitude program is a vehicle designed to transport companies from concept through startup, into scaleup and ultimately into successful stable companies delivering positive impact globally.

Mr. James White, co-Founder of the Climate Action Center states, “We have been very impressed both with the team at WorldStartup and their creative approach to launching companies. Not only have we received best-of-breed training and mentoring, but the WorldStartup team also provides an abundance of inspiration that helps to further fuel our passion to deliver meaningful change on a massive scale.”

The Climate Action Center is spinning out advanced technologies and techniques developed at the European Space Agency to accelerate, de-risk and significantly improve the outcomes of complex climate related projects.

Mr. White continues, “We’re in this for the long-haul. Societies across the globe will be dealing with climate related issues at least until the end of the century if not beyond. Our unique approach of offering advanced digital models that capture invaluable knowledge related to sustainability and resilience solutions under a free and open-source license truly sets us apart in the marketplace. WorldStartup is the perfect partner for us as both organizations share similar values and aim to achieve global impact through creativity and with a passion for positive change.”

The WorldStartup Altitude program is available to qualifying “Impact Startups” that aim to make a fair profit while at the same time achieving societal, environmental, and equitable economic impact. The program offers a wide range of support services to its portfolio companies and includes a unique “shared-equity” program where all Altitude portfolio companies place a small amount of their shares into a pool that is jointly owned by all other Altitude companies.

“The Climate Action Center is exactly the type of company we wish to have in the Altitude Program”, said Mr. Gerrit Jan van ‘t Veen, CEO of WorldStartup. “What impressed us most about the C.A.C. is the balance they strike in focusing on revenue generation through creative engagement with customers paired with a business model that will allow the company to scale their positive environmental and societal impact globally in a relatively short timeframe. We look forward to a long relationship with the C.A.C. team and are excited to watch how this promising startup evolves over the next few years.”

Founded in 2021, The Climate Action Center is an impact company that is creating a global open-source repository of freely available advanced digital models representing complex climate change projects with the aim of helping public and private sector organizations accelerate, de-risk and improve the outcomes of complex climate related projects. For more information visit www.climateactioncenter.eu.

WorldStartup was founded in 2015 with the vision of inspiring innovators and their partners to accelerate the global transition to sustainable and equitable societies through entrepreneurship. Since its founding, WorldStartup has supported hundreds of companies from across the world with a growing global community of changemakers. Our unique Altitude program offers fledgling companies with a comprehensive long-term support system including training, mentoring, networking, access to capital and more. For more information on WorldStartup, please visit www.worldstartup.co.

James White, Managing Director, Climate Action Center
+31 6 13 02 5115

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