CAC-21-006: Business Developer / Co-Founder (Immediate Opportunity)

Website Climate Action Center

The consensus is clear that Climate Change driven by an accumulation of greenhouse gasses (GHG) in the atmosphere is an existential threat to the entire planet. The Climate Action Center is dedicated to accelerating solutions to reduce GHG emissions and prepare communities across the world for the impacts of Climate Change. We do this by applying advanced Digital Engineering techniques and digital modeling developed originally at the European Space Agency to accelerate, de-risk and improve the outcomes of complex projects being undertaken by government and private sector organizations. Moreover, we are building a global knowledge sharing network that enables organizations to freely share their Climate Change solutions by making our models free and open-source to ensure their widest possible reuse.

Do you want to be a part of our dynamic team that is working to solve world-class problems using advanced technology? We provide you the opportunities, resources and guidance if you are passionate, focused and dedicated to the mission.

As the CAC’s Business Development Manager, you will:

  • Network with governmental and private sector leaders to establish the need for new approaches for implementing complex climate projects
  • Help to identify real-world projects where we can use our techniques to provide significant benefit to climate resilience and sustainability efforts
  • Identify new opportunities and domains where our technologies and techniques can be used in innovative ways to help protect our society from a changing climate
  • Assist in efforts to raise working capital
  • Take the lead in having the Climate Action Center join organizations that have similar goals and objectives in order to increase our exposure within the community
  • Take the lead in applying for government grants both from the Dutch Government and the EU
  • … and any other duties required to secure the growth of the CAC and our ability to drive positive environmental and societal impact

To promote acceleration and de-risking of Climate Change related projects and enable governments and companies to meet (or exceed) their climate pledges, the Climate Action Center offers an inclusive work environment that supports diversity, out-of-the box thinking, calculated risk-taking and people that do not fear disrupting normal ways of working in order to achieve 10x gains in effectiveness (think SpaceX).

Our culture also promotes:

  • Work/life balance
  • Career development
  • Mentoring and mentorship opportunities
  • Rewards & recognition

Basic Qualifications:

  • Experience with business development and/or sales
  • Experience or strong knowledge of running a traditional “sales funnel” (e.g. lead generation, prospect qualification, etc.)
  • A good understanding of the climate crisis and some knowledge about steps that need to be taken by public and private sector organizations to become more sustainable and resilient
  • Strong language skills in either English or Dutch
  • Knowledge of online tools including social media platforms
  • Excellent writing and editing skills
  • Strong organizational ability
  • Strong interpersonal skills with experience managing other staff members (and for mothers returning to the workforce, raising children fully qualifies as “managing other staff members”)

Desired Skills:

  • Experience and skills at creating compelling presentations
  • Knowledge or experience working with government bodies as a customer
  • Knowledge or experience applying for government grants / loans
  • Knowledge or experience as an entrepreneur
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, strong social skills, and ability to build consensus among peers while building solid relationships with team members
  • Master’s degree preferred or 10 years of experience

Experience Level:
Experienced Professional desired, recent graduates also invited to apply

Founder Designation:
The Climate Action Center is a pre-revenue / high-impact startup. Launching the organization will require a staff of three to four people who are willing to volunteer a minimum of two days per week with no pay but with the ability to earn equity in the company for time worked. As soon as we secure a paying launching customer, investment or a government grant, we will convert volunteer staff to paid staff. At the moment, we cannot anticipate an exact date for this, although we expect to reach one of these milestones in early 2022. If you join in this capacity, you will be officially designated as a “Founder” of the Climate Action Center.



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