World Startup

WorldStartup started in 2015 with the first accelerator programme for impact startups in The Hague. Since then, we have supported 100s of startups and acquired shares in more than 60 startups from across the world. We are a global entrepreneurship platform, aiming to accelerate the global transition to sustainable and equitable societies by enabling purpose-driven innovators to create successful ventures. We help governments, NGOs and businesses with entrepreneurial innovation, preferably in cooperation with startups. Our collective of startup support organisations offers innovators the training, tools, resources and networks to create long-standing and impactful ventures. In early 2020, we entered the next phase of our company development towards a truly global entrepreneurship platform together with local members, sharing the best services and growing a diverse, inclusive and truly global community of change agents. WorldStartup offers support during every stage of the startup journey, from awareness, exploration, validation to growth. We do this with specialised teams with decades of experience. Learn more about WorldStartup.